Aesthetic Tips

General Tips for the skin:

*Use a ice cube on an inflamed acne lesion. It will decrease the swelling and redness. 

*Stem cells are a great anti-aging skin treatment, BEWARE if you have cancer or any other diseases as stem cells will increase cell mitosis. 

*Using the wrong products on your specific skin type will make your issues worse. Always consult with a professional. 

*Sunscreen is the best anti-aging treatment available.

*Spot treat acne with salicylic acid.

*Always use a toner after cleansing and masking. It brings the pH of your skin back to normal which strengthens our acid mantle.

*Exfoliate your body weekly with a sugar/salt scrub. Your face should be exfoliated 1-2x weekly depending on your skin type. 

*Product lines are made to work together on a cellular level. While using different Brands (skin care line) in your daily regimen is okay you want to try to minimize it as much as possible. This will give you better results and minimize sensitivity. 

*Your skin changes with the season so expect to use different products in the winter vs the summer. 

Always Remember-Less is more